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I was told when I was young that “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it” I didn’t have to look far as cooking was my natural passion and it always grew over the years. Since a very early age, I had developed a unique ability to know the spices and understand the aromas which always make cooking very simple. I still believe that cooking is about taste, aromas and health.

Culinary is all about how much you are passionate about the tastes and aromas of the food you cook. I simply love cooking and my taste and smelling ability allow to me enhance the flavors to the highest degree.

Born in a Dawoodi Bohra Family in Gujarat, India and grew among the ethnic Gujarati culture generated a deep fervor for food from the childhood and became an integral part of my life. Communication Engineer (M.S University – Baroda) by profession, but I always loved to communicate through my culinary art. Circuits and wires have been replaced by forks and knives… while the currents flow through the taste buds and aromas.

After my marriage in 2001, my passion started becoming a challenge with the real test coming from the diverse foods I started learning from different mediums and started to dare new spices, and ingredients which I never had coped up with in the past. Learned from the Internet, and tips from the experienced and guidance from the elderly made me competent not only in cooking good food, but completed my desire of young adulthood to write a food blog one day and convert it into a website or a book.

Desserts are my strongest skill while diversity is my talent. While Soups and Salads, Fried and Grilled, Vegetarian and Non vegetarian, Sea Food or meat, simple sodas and fusion juices… All tried and tasted and above all complimented. Complimented by licking forks or fingers drives my fervor and gets me more committed.

I am not here to endorse anything except myself. I want my culinary art to be appreciated or recognized which will put a lot of enthusiasm in me to take it another hit.

I can also be reached at (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, linked in) write to me on for any queries.

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