Thai Chicken Noodles

Thai Chicken Noodles , stir-frying is a super-quick cooking method that seals in all the flavors of the ingredients. Here, tender chicken with veggies are cooked with peanut ,chili garlic sauce and lots of garlic… delish!!


Thai Chicken Noodles Print

Prep time

5 min

Cook Time

20 min

Total Time

25 min

  • Course : Side dish
  • Servings : 5
  • Description : Classic Thai Chicken Noodles


    • 300 gms thin spaghetti noodles
    • 4 tbspl olive oil
    • 1 cup carrots
    • 2 cups cabbage, sliced
    • 2 cups chopped, cooked
    • 4 green onions, chopped
    • 3 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 tbsp minced peeled fresh ginger
    • 1/4 cup honey
    •  2 tbsp. soy sauce
    • 3 tbsp vinegar
    • 2 tbsp chili-garlic sauce
    • crushed peanuts


    1. Bring a pot of water to boil.
    2. Add 1 tbsp of salt to season the water.
    3. Boil spaghettis in it for few minutes.
    4. Drain it and toss with 2tbsp olive oil.
    5. In a pan add 1tbsp of olive oil.
    6. Add onion and sauté it for few minutes
    7. Add the green onions, carrots, cabbage, chicken, garlic and ginger.
    8. Saute for a minute or two until they have softened and barely start to turn color
    9. Add in the roasted peanuts,honey, soy sauce, vinegar and chili garlic sauce.
    10. Stir all the ingredients together and add the speghettis into eat.
    11. Toss it with the rest of the ingredients and serve
    12. Garnish with green onions , crushed peanut and some cilantro.


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