Kheer or Rice Pudding is one of the most popular Indian dessert. Extremely luscious in taste, it is very easy to make. favor of this Ancient sweet dish ,which is mentioned in list of happy food for good health .Through people in different religion of the country make it in various occasions and in varied ways.

In Islamic calendar 22nd of Rajab ,Bohras all over the world serve this pudding in earthen pot .Kheer na Kunda accompanied with crispy Sweet Puris We call it “Kheer Puri”. Here Kunda is a pot  made of clay in which it is served. Follow few simple steps and enjoy this delicious Kheer.

Enjoy !

Kheer Print

Prep time

10 min

Cook Time

30 min

Total Time

40 min

  • Course :
  • Servings : 6
  • Description :


    • 3/4 cup rice
    • 2 liter milk( Powder Milk)
    • 1 tin condensed milk
    • 1/2 cup cream (100 ml)
    • 1 cup sugar (200 gm)
    • 1 tsp green cardamom powder
    • 50 gm raisins
    • 1 tsp saffron
    • 50 gm almond, sliced
    • Dried rose petal fr garnishing


    1. Soak the rice for 2-3 hours.
    2. Boil the milk in a pan for few minutes next add the rice and cook further and add cardamom powder.
    3. Once rice is cooked, add condensed milk. Cook for another 10 minutes.
    4. Let it cool till room temperature
    5. Blend it with hand blender .
    6. Now add the cream ,sugar and raisins .
    7. Garnish it with saffron, almond and rose petals.
    8. Serve chilled.


Happy Cooking !!

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