After marriage I moved to Kuwait which was almost 15 years back.Kuwait generally is know on the Globe as one of the largest oil manufacturing countries but little is know about the Recipes
, people and the rich culture the country carries. Being my interest in food always wanted to know about their food and though the list limited but dishes are very appealing.

As coming from India, where typically before 15 years, Indian food or little customized.Chinese was prevalent and accepted in majority of the restaurants where the winds of the west and the east had not yet flown into smaller cities where I belonged. In Kuwait before 15 years it was changing from Fast food Joints to multi cuisine restaurants and food courts in largest mall which have sprung up like mushrooms in last decade.

Understanding the international cuisine, devouring all kinds of dishes, identifying the species and aromas of different geographies took us almost a decade to reach to a point where I got some base that I can write with confidence on certain foods where traditional Indian Cuisines remains my home turf where I stand like a champion and rest of it I can still be a player to reckon with in terms of culinary arts.

Indian Cuisine have left a good impression on the food preferences of Kuwaitis due to the trade lanes for centuries while today also almost half a million or more Indians live in Kuwait which allows them to borrow or accept spices and vegetables from Indian origin.

Local foods or International Cuisine, Kuwaitis love food which ensures the thriving restaurants and flourishing catering businesses. Customs of having food filled dining tables and having large family gatherings is very established culture here in Kuwait.

My love for Recipes has always had me inclined to get on social media few years back and now here I am here starting with meals with memories,I have selected best 25 recipes which vary from Indian to Continental, breakfast to dinner and snacks to brunches. Hope you all enjoy it.”


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