LAVIDA a return to home cooking.

Back from the new year break , was very entangled with several things in the beginning of the year , which restricted me from having a quiet brunch . Selecting a place was always a discussion and finally ended up with my preference. Walking through the parking at al bidea , came thru few very exciting names but finally walked into Lavida restaurant .

Spacious restaurant and creating the right ambiance is always a challenge . Always observed that large restaurants are decorated with dark oak furniture and heavy difficult to understand paintings but Lavida is a different story . Colorful flowery furniture , bright lights , live walls and meaningful wall hangings which you would to tend to get up and read them. The essence of the place truly resembles the NAME Lavida the true living !!

Menu at a glance looks very exhaustive but for breakfast or brunch the choices are limited. Though selecting from few options the plates that landed up on our table were truly delicious and arresting .


First order was Marinated Haloum , grilled marinated haloum cheese on white toast with lettuce and cherry tomato served with hash brown.


QUINOA salad was delish never looked so appetizing and delightful to me than before. Fresh pomegranate , cucumber , tomato ,beets, green onions and feta cheese in lemon dressing with quinoa.


Green beans with salsa , falafel.fried eggplant with green salsa, tahini sauce , foul , cucumber and black olives . The dish was average to me though enjoyed it along with other food.

As a saying goes " A good service can make a bad dish taste good " but at LAVIDA service is at par to the good food they offer. This place looks good , smells good , tastes good ....brings you the feeling of home cooked food with a more reasonable pricing.

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  1. The restaurant looks nice , lovely pictures . Would love to try it..thanks for posting the review .

  2. great pictures , would appreciate if you put up the location too .

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