Kuwait and its diversity of restaurant always makes it challenging to select the right place to dine in with a vareity of Indian restaurants on all different scales , "Magan" a brand new Indian restaurant surely to stay there and have a permanent place.To review the restaurant , I intend to put my opinion on all aspects of the newest entrant in the arena of Indian food. As I have always observed that most of the Indian restaurants customize according to the local taste and demands where the originality of Indian dishes gets diluted .We expected  "Magan" not fall in this line and our expectations turned out to be true. The restaurant retains  the authenticity of the Indian flavors , aroma and taste .

"Magan" as it means "to be Immersed or Absorbed " rightly suits the restaurant  which not only offers good  food but soulful music , service with care and in the middle of the restaurant sits a tree full of white flowers which reflects peace , tranquility and love .

One of the key criteria for a restaurant is its location where I believe Magan is strategically located but the" The Dining Complex" still needs a bit of advertising. The Dining Complex has good restaurants occupying the place and the restaurant with a little advertising would be one of the prime location in Abu Alhasaniya which boasts of several restaurant complexes.

Ambience of the restaurant is exemplary and way it is decorated well in dark grey with a wonderful decorated tree in the middle of the restaurant gives a look of a very ethnical food joint in India. With comfortable sitting and a stylish tableware gives right pleasure of a quiet lunch or dinner.

The Restaurant also boasts of a live performance of a Ghazal Singer once in a week which could uplift  the moods .The outside sitting especially in winters and spring would add more delight with soulful music they play.


The Menu is exhaustive but needs to add some more vegetarian dishes , desserts and appetizers . Menu can be more organized than its present pattern .The E- menu  is prevalent among few Indian restaurants where Magan is one of them. 

The papadum with its delcious array of  Chutneys Green (corienader and mint ) , Tamarind (tamarinds with dates) and Mango (a delcious finest raw mango pulp)  were tasty and tangy with its taste buds enticing effect which works as a great start to the food.I must mention the tradtional Indian serving plates indeed look so alluring .

The Soup named  "Bone Rasam" was sounded very different and we were inclined to order it and found it to our expectations. But we would have prefered the taste of the bone to rule over mushrooms . which would have given the soup its definite originality. The idea is quite original but the methodology of preparing it could be improvise.

Magan's  Special Chicken Salad was largely had the same look of a regular Caeser  Salad but the Indian touch given by the chef should be really appreciated as it changes the taste of caeser salad with red tandoori chicken tikka replacing the grilled chicken and  tangy dressing replacing regular salad dressing which changes the entire taste of the salad .As they call it Magan's special we fully agree with it for its Uniqueness !!

The next dish we asked for was Goan Spicy Lamb Kebab was one of the few starters they offer .Really impressed with the serving plate but when we consumed the kebabs the tray became secondary. Central India eat balanced spices which reflected in the dish where the goan specialty rightly marinated and there after cooked  adequately to bring the desired softness , taste and flavors .Over a period of time we firmly believe that the Goan Spicy Kebab would be one of the main attraction of magan. 

Among the bread we selected Garlic naan  along with the Coconut Prawn Curry and after tasting both it was difficult for us to judge what was better .Bread was extremely soft and the right quantum of garlic provided the taste  which was unique and outstanding . Garlic naan surely would be one of the offerings that would take me to magan again and again .The Prawn curry the rich gravy with the fresh soft prawn was rightly cooked gave us an added appetite when placed on our table.

After all we had to ordered the lime light of every Indian restaurant which is the known Heydrababdi Dum  Biryani . They serve all vegetarian as well non vegetarian options of  Biryani such as chicken , lamb and shrimp .The Biryani was very well presented in right fashion covered with dough and looks very attractive .

Biryani was the only dish which we felt little customized according to the local requirement  . The rice , the meat  was of the right taste but bit of spices would do more justice to the dish .

There are variety of choice  in drinks and desserts where we confined our self to drinks Mango Lassi and Mint Lemonade which were right to its taste and quantity  and presented good as well.

 In all cases the Ingredients  used are of  high standards  and good quality . The hygiene of the restaurant is maintained to the highest level .Pricing is reasonable and aligned with other Premium Indian Restaurant of Kuwait.

If you want the true taste , right variety and quiet enjoyable  meal "Magan" would be the right place to be...The restaurant is in soft opening mode but receives walking  guest  and to book your table in advance call on 99778910 .

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